Counselling Overview

Counselling offers an opportunity to develop insight into why we think and behave in certain ways. Increased understanding can help us make meaningful changes and build confidence which enables us to act proactively and respond more positively to difficult situations.  
Face to Face Counselling  
Many adults and young people benefit from counselling.   By exploring our thoughts and feelings we can often identify unhelpful beliefs and patterns of behaviour that prevent us from living life how we would like.   
Our life experience influences who we are today.   Sometimes past experiences negatively affect our relationships and career, or just leave us feeling disempowered and ‘stuck’.



Online Counselling  


For a variety of reasons Face to Face counselling may not be possible.  I am able to offer you Online Counselling, via Skype, FaceTime, or Telephone Counselling if desired.



Life Coaching  

Life coaching is much more focused on a solutions based approach; "what are you going to do to effect change and achieve your aims and goals?"  Coaching can deliver tangible results very quickly.




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